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Hello! I’m Corinne, owner, and operator of PurrEssence! I operate everything, the petsitting, photography social media, etc and I love it!  I have dreamed of working with animals for as long as I could remember, growing up we had parrots dogs, cats, ferrets, and reptiles! I continued to explore my passion for animals by becoming a veterinary assistant and client care representative. Being a veterinary assistant is extremely fulfilling. I analyze my next patients' stress levels and care for them accordingly. I have come in contact with thousands of different pets. While working at the veterinary office I picked up pet sitting jobs, providing clients with free portraits so that I could build up my photography portfolio. I have continued to further my animal knowledge by continuing my education by taking courses on animal behavior and different courses while working in the veterinary field. My mission is to offer pet owners an alternative to boarding their beloved animals that provides the pet and owner with a sitter whose main focus is the health, happiness, and well-being of your pet. 

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